The Hearts of Young Men

Welcome to the cruel world hotel

Where dreams go to die

Blackened and dead

My soul in ruins

Rotting in maximum security

With the bottom of the barrel

Our humble cities refuse

Groundhog day

On the worst day of your life

Stress and violence

Fight or flight situations

Standovers and bashings

Another dog banished

To the yard of the putrid ones

No internet

No Netflix

No Spotify

No Facebook

Just hours and hours

Of daytime TV

And my mind too shattered

To read a good book

Don’t be misled

When they call it the funhouse

It’s naught but a cruel irony

And while some love the walls

The safety of routine

A roof over their head

And three meals a day

If we’re honest with ourselves

It’s just the black misery

Of time stolen

From the hearts of young men

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