Black Hearts

It seems that everywhere I’m surrounded

By black hearts

As us horrible menfolk                  

So twisted by the pain

Of modern life

Wage war on the world

Not caring who we hurt

Or how we live in the eyes of others

On our bloody decent into hell

And it’s not just where I find myself

In the outcasts and the sinners

But the men in suits

Pulling the strings

That live without light

Given up on love

Save for power

Forever chasing

The carrot on the stick

Just one more dollar

Just one more promotion

Just one more fix

Are they any different?

From the straw men they build up to burn

Am I any different?

With how little I care

For the concerns of my peers

Or the deeds I have done

But always there is hope

When I think of the angels

Life has blessed me with

And see the women of the world

So caring and pure

The ying to our black heart yang

Taking the reins of power

And overcoming evil

Little by little

Piece by piece

So that some of us horrible men folk

Can rekindle hope

That our hearts will be black no more

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