The Furnace

Another day wasted among cretins

The jail kitchen

The furnace that feeds

300 underweight crack addicts

So they come in thin

And leave with pot bellies

It’s an easy grind

Hard to fuck up

And early to finish

And the effect

On my psychology

Is amazing

More awake to the world

Than I’ve been in years

Unlimited coffee

And the leftovers

Of the staff cafeteria

“Normal person food”

After years on the slops

Is pretty special

Burgers with the lot

And bacon and eggs

On Thursday mornings

But the real win

Is to be doing something

With head and hands

To improve life

For the great unwashed

The banter between staff

Is coarse as fuck

But the feeling

At the end of the day

Is priceless

And it feels

Just a little like

I’m not wasting my life

Rotting on the inside

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