If someone were to read to me

A list of all my sins

It would take a thousand years

And who can blame us

For defiance in the face of god

When all we know

Is all we’ve seen

We’re born this way

To shatter faith

With the weight of our actions

To be impure

And often to love it

The idea of a divine will

That set forth rules

That contradict our nature

Is to me what blasphemy

Is to those with faith

The idea of being judged

By the creator of life

Is a fools notion

What matters to me

Is what I can see and touch

The life and times

Of those connected to me

Not the scribbling of Luddites

Of an age past

So I choose

A life of careful sin

My own code of ethics

More profound to me

Than any dogma

And the joy of knowing

That I really lived

Not just scraped by

Waiting for something better

In the next life

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