So It Goes

So it goes

That misery flows

Into the river of life

Far and wide

And no one is safe

For rich and for poor

Things get real

With ruthless regularity

Cancer, hunger, divorce

Starving in Palestine

Rotting in jail

Starving in Yemen

Living in squalor

The devil finds a way

Into every nook and cranny

So steal a moments peace

Whenever you get the chance

Cherish your health

And little hints of happiness

As all things pass

Mighty and meek

What’s here today

Is gone tomorrow

So take what good

You can find

And nurture it

Like your life

Depends on it

And pray as you walk

Blindly through the forest of time

You find the river of truth

Beauty and all things good

And when misery comes your way

Prey you have what it takes

To fight it off and live

With honor and grit

As we ride full steam

Into the future, into the abyss

Into all that this life could be

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