Infinity Overhead

Running sets my soul on fire

In a quiet way as I perspire

Setting my mind into chemical balance

As I glide effortlessly with the perfect sky

And the imperfect world

Infinity overhead it all drifts away

And I know, today is a good day

Every mile covered is a smile recovered

Every stride I make is a chance I take

And I pay no mind as the cruel and horrible sea

Rages on, my stride long, my mind strong

Without it I’m lost, adrift and restless

And when I run I always stress less

Sore legs, bad weather, drowsy

Power on feeling free

Dopamine my reward, fitness my flame

I power on through all the pain

Of freedom lost, the ultimate cost of the mind I lost

And back in the day I was lost in nature

As I hit my peak and watched the city lights

The only good thing in my life

Punk tunes in as it hits the crescendo

I’d put on a sprint and ride the tempo

Now I run in a cage as I count down the days

Til that perfect path, song, sneaker and view

All I can say, when I reach the pearly gates

I’ll be jogging through

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