Lately I’m a workhorse

A real Clydesdale

Burning the midnight oil

In my temple of Zen

In a river of chaos

From days beginning to end

I’m hard at it

Not a moment wasted

As I charge towards

Polymath status

Even at rest

I’m planning ahead

Making the most of spare moments

To gear myself towards

The sweet taste of success

Of my own definition

Not money or fame

But mastery of my world

Surrounded by love and affection

And some may scoff

At my poetry and prose

But I’m building my world

Present and future

Exercising my mind

Executing my aims

Rounding off the jagged edges

Of a cruel fate

The gaze of misfortune

Without which I may never had dreamed

Of the kind of world I seek to build

And never trained my mind and body

To drive hard at the good in life

I might have been still adrift

Achieving little but misery

Now I’m a locomotive

A real juggernaut on a collision course

With the world, my oyster, my challenge

That will make me, break me

Or sing sweetly to me

As I craft, write, think, compose,

Train, build and graft

On towards infinity

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