On Pain

Some notes on pain

Some still remains

Broken hearts and long days

On minimum wage and crazed

With wanting more

Than a sickness of the spirit

And an empty apartment

My friends thought it funny

When a native man at the bus interchange said

“You don’t know the meaning of pain!”

And now, after 4 years on the inside

I know what he meant

And still these days remain

As youth disappears

And the comforting hum of the doldrums

Surpasses all

I’ve tried to end it

I’ve scars that have mended

And I thank my lucky stars

That it wasn’t my time to go

Now every day is a little easier

Now every day is a little breezier

And even when I’m at my worst

My skin is thick, my spirit strong

And pain is just an old companion

That never overstays its welcome

Someday I’ll look back

And shed a quiet tear

Until then forge on, no pain, no fear

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