Counterfeit Bliss

Well let me see

Today who will I be?

A poet, a scholar

Or chasing that dollar

For more of the thing

That makes our hearts sing

The devil, the destroyer, the sin

Racking up another counterfeit win

For what could be more false

Than needing chemicals to find your voice

I’ll pass on the temptation

Find a better deviation

With the soft caress of wise words

And the thoughts in my head

As I float on my cloud

Until the fiends that surround

Tear me to the ground

For as long as it takes to navigate the day

Essentials taken care of

I return to my lair of

Learning, language and solitude

The sweetest fruit to be had without sin

During this time of incarceration

Where I plot my return

To heaven up above

And the promise of love

That sustains me in the darkest of places

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