Heart Of Gold

I fear I’ve lost the beauty of my spirit

I swam through a river of shit

And replaced it with grit

Necessity the mother of invention

And isn’t telling

That such coarseness would reach my page

Love replaced with perpetual rage

Guitar was my world

And beautiful women my muse

Now it’s the violence around and the drugs that I use

Books were my anchor in the sea of the soul

And writing my dream in the city of lights

Now at night I write about fights

In the place I call home

I used to:

Kick around Kerouac with cuties on campus

Burn my Bukowski before it became me

And look to the sea as a source of tranquillity

Now such pleasure

Is forbidden to me in the world that I see

So I sketch anchors and scheme

Of beauty in future the beautiful dream

Corazon de oro, so long sorrow

Someday you see I’ll be walking free

And my mind can dance to the music

Of harmony, light and colour

And just a touch of all that’s good in life

And true and pure

Will seep into my weary soul

Kiss my spirit and make me whole

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