The Beautiful Girls

One thing they don’t tell you about

Is that women on the scene are a scarce,

There are a few female screws,

But they:

Rarely chat,

Have husbands

Are old or overweight

There’s the case managers

A few times a year

And one psychologist

That was just my type

But they’re all business and aloof

So the idea of love

Since the visits dried up

Is dormant and done

Save for my dreams

They are nothing but heartache

There are women in jail

But we rarely catch a glimpse

It’s a mans world

Of ugly spirits

And ugly behavior

So the outside even more

Starts to look like heaven

Where half the people

Are of the fairer sex

And female company,

Affection and love

Are more than a memory

More than a dream

But a glowing reality

I love women

And being without them

Is just one of the many torments

Fate has thrust upon me

So bring on the salvation

Of the beautiful girls

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