God Bless You Mr Littlemore

In the theatre of life

There are heroes and villains

For me the devils were the path

That led me to hell

And the angles were the path

That let me leave

Before growing old

‘Mr Pendragon’

The warrior of will

Locked horns with the law

And outwitted the devil

At every turn

The quiet chaperones

Said he was the best they’d ever seen

And I don’t doubt that’s true

Dropping complex language and logic

Drawing the truth

Out of the chaff

And suggesting we watch the cricket

When the technology failed

He carved up the liars

And turned the words of the poisonous

Against themselves

He spends a quarter of the year

Writing novels in the South of France

And I’m only too happy

That it’s my coin in is his pocket because

When the jury read the verdict

The day was won

My soul was saved

And I owe it all

To my learned friend

Who fought like a wildcat

For the truth to prevail

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