Infinity overhead

And one in four stars

Has a planet that may hold life

Not too hot not too cold

So I wonder to myself

Are there hell worlds?

Where suffering is the norm

And if so

Is ours one of them

When you look around

At the starving children

At the perpetual war

The great incarcerated

And the Nation Blue

There’s no shortage of suffering

And was history any different

Is life in the natural world

As they say

‘Nasty, Brutish and Short’

So that even our animal friends

Are swimming in the shit

And I wonder if our world is a hell world

Is suffering the default

For conscious beings

Thus making the universe

A colossal cluster-fuck

Or has my mind just been soiled

By the nature of my own existence

Will technology bring utopia

As the world develops

And balance the suffering

Of the masses of today

Or will we destroy ourselves

As we are prone to do

Before the tide turns

And will my own future bring

A brighter notion

Of what it means to be alive

If nothing else I’m blessed

That I have the time to think

Of that great aberration

Are there hell worlds?

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