The Highway

Of the many places I’ve found peace

Undoubtedly one of the best

Where my wandering soul was at rest

Is the highway between Canberra and Sydney

Where the steel of my vehicle and the steel of my soul

Kept the cruelty of the world at bay

Hours of pure concentration

The sweetest kind of meditation

A feeling of purpose, excitement and skill

As I anticipated the joys of my destination

And navigate traffic never missing a beat

A special time for reflection

A chance to plot my life’s direction

As I mulled over the choices in life

And finished my journeys on a path that’s true

Nothing compares to the freedom

As the city lights give way to the open road

And I know

I’ll reach my goal a better man

Than when I set out’

And where would I be

Without the tunes that cradle my spirit

As I pull out of a truck stop

Sipping coffee, my soul dancing

Modern Life Is War

So I’m grateful for

That gift of

Those fine moments of peace on the highway

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