Colour and Sound (Eternity)

An explosion of colour and sound

I open my mind and the world falls in

Everything and nothing all at once

Apply the golden filter

And catch the best this wild world

Has to offer

The future is now

And what an exquisite gift

A human body and mind

To plot through the malaise

The warfare of modern life

So love like there’s no tomorrow

Learn like you’ll live forever

And squeeze every last drop

From the world fruit

The sweetest drop on offer

Knowing it could all go sour

If you take your foot off the gas

Shift gears like a pro

Let the good times flow

Give thanks for the opulence of the West

Give thanks and give it your best

Make your kin proud, you’re voice loud

And feast on the souls willingly offered

By the fairer and the best

Rejoice for now

And rejoice forever

You’re alive

And eternity will remember you

You’re unique light

That you shared with the world


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