Vicious Cycle


It took a surprisingly long

Time in the slammer

To figure out

Exactly what the fuck

These people are doing here

Some who seem so normal

Friendly or intelligent

Have done terrible things

And I finally figured out

What links it all together

99 percent of them

Are raging drug addicts

Spend enough time

Heavily into Ice or Heroin

And the standards go

Out the window

Until they’re back again

Facing fresh charges

Some I’ve seen get out and come back

4 or 5 times

Until they finally get tired

Overdose or knock someone

Then all hope is lost

You try to help

Give encouragement and advice

And one by one

They all disappoint

Addiction just too strong

And jail too easy

I only hope

The ones I’ve come to care about

Get it together

Before it’s too late

And that when my time comes

I don’t fall prey

To the vicious cycle

Of crime and addiction

It’s fairly heartbreaking watching the friends you make on the inside re-offend and get locked up after filling them with so much positive energy and plans to improve their life.

Some only make it a few weeks before they turn up again often for months or years further incarceration. It’s sad that those who live so fast and wild are the same ones who are hobbled by the restrictive nature of jail.

You see good people who had good jobs, good lives, wives and kids completely decimated by drug addiction.

The recidivism rate is staggering and there is so little support for detainees when they walk free, I’ve seen guys with no place to live getting released into homelessness.

Difficult lives with no respite, I truly feel for my friends back on the inside again and again.

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