Some of a religious nature

Ask themselves:

What would Jesus Do?

A touching sentiment

But as an atheist

And an ageing punk rocker

I ask myself:

What Would Henry Rollins Do?

The singer of Black Flag and Rollins Band

Whose words inspire so deeply

We he screams with intensity

“Get some, get some, go again”

And somehow conveys the feeling

That we should all go down swinging

And bring a sharp will to every situation

His words feel so right so often

That this totem of modern manhood

Is the spirit guide I need

When reputation in here is everything

And when I write

Another guide towards

The best kind of thinking:

What Would Hemingway Do?

Who lived with such courage

And taught us how to love

Like a truly strong man

If I can say at the end

That I held true

To the values of these great men

I can go to my grave knowing

I gave it everything I had

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