They all say the same thing

You seem like a different person

The diet, the haircut

The sharp will the result

Of waking up to the world

A side effect of working

In the jail kitchen all week

And it’s true

I’m steadily losing

The nervous laughter

The awkward grin

And the crippling depression

The meds could only half fix

I exercise every day

Read something

Write something

And practice drawing portraits

I spend hours

Thinking about my goals

Short term, medium, long term

And it seems after 5 long years

That I’ve finally mastered

My environment

Let’s hope when I walk free

It doesn’t take so long

Towards the end of my time I really started to get my act together. I got into shape, finished writing a book and generally worked hard at improving myself. My mental health was the best it had been in a decade and I finally started to shake off the chronic introversion that plagued me for the first few years. I take pride in the fact I didn’t let hard time break me and that I worked hard to get something meaningful out of all those hours of life that so often go wasted.

2 thoughts on “Mastery

  1. Christo, I am a fairly new blogger. If I could have gotten the “like” buttons to work, they would be all over your site. You are a very gifted poet! Your work is sophisticated, but not so complex that it is difficult to read. I like the drawings of sailors. Are they your work? Take care. Cheryl


    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you for the kind words, I’m looking at changing my site a little so I’ll make sure the like button works:)
      Unfortunately the drawings are not my own but I do have a tradition that every year I draw or paint an anchor for my brothers birthday.
      I am very impressed with your accolades and I too hope to someday publish a book of poetry and also a book of prose.
      Very best wishes and good luck with your journey on WordPress and your journey on planet earth.


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