Missed the boat


Here’s how it happened

In a train station in Okayama

In the pouring rain

I told her I loved her

And she didn’t say anything

Just started kissing my face

My lips, my forehead, my eyes

That morning I had cried

For the first time in adult life

With a scotch hangover

And a feeling that all was lost

But those kisses gave me hope

Later back home I told her

“I meant what I said”

“You missed the boat” she replied

I asked if she loved him

She said that she did

As my world crumbled and loneliness

Became the norm

I always thought

We’d end up together

All that remained was a burning inside

And a dream that had died

Time passes and old wounds heal

But I see her often in my dreams

And in the dream I’m crying

A the last champion of my sanity

Falls through my grasp

The most beautiful morning of life was that morning in Okayama, something about the scotch in my system, the company of a truly amazing girl and the University Fair for the Uni she was studying at hit my soul just right. I dreamed about her for a solid 10 years, always heartbreaking and only really got over her whilst locked up. In all probability I’ll never see her again. Such is life.

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