Office space


I’ve done the office thing

I worked in HR

Paying the nurses at the hospital

Only a year but it took its toll

The floor I worked on

Was nicknamed ‘The Morgue’

And I was late every day

But I cheated on my flex time

Said I’ll do better next time

My boss kept trying

To get the nurses

To send her Valium

When she fixed an underpayment

And one guy was just putting his work

In a draw and forgetting about it

Til someone found out

And he didn’t get fired

Neither did I

Wearing casual all week

And missing three days

Without a phone call

Because when I was there

I worked harder than most

Until I discovered ‘Dolphin Olympics’

A flash game that came to consume my work life

As I prepared to quit

Had enough and over it

When I took what I saved

And went backpacking in Europe

So it wasn’t a complete waste of time

Like a true Canberran I did my time in the public service. Spent far too much money drinking on the weekends but still managed to save enough to pay for a trip around Europe where I fell in love with the great city of Paris.

Anyone who’s seen the movie ‘Office Space’ or the sitcom ‘The Office’ knows exactly what we went through but in hind sight I was lucky for the opportunity.

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