Some good in this world

I have come to the conclusion

That there is entirely

Too much suffering

In this world

From my perch in purgatory

I observe society

Snapshots of planet earth

Agent Orange birth defects

Syria and Palestine

Gulags and starvation

But there’s always a glimmer of hope

A charity that builds skateparks

For the troubled places of the world

So these forgotten kids

Can hop on their wheelie board

Their Roller Plank

Their Stunt Stick

And feel the satisfying slap

Of metal and wood on concrete

That means so much and feels so right

God bless these young volunteers

Proving there is still some good

In this world

A quality skate park to a young skater is a thing of beauty and great value. It’s not just a way of providing entertainment; it’s a place of community, creativity and solace to kids doing it tough.

This organization caught my eye as a thing of beauty in an ugly world.

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