Doom and Gloom


Take a deep breath

And settle in for

Another installment

Of life in the slammer:

A fight on the walkway

An overdose on methadone

An inmate bashed and off to the hospital

Like happened to me one time

A 47 day hunger strike

No one knows how it will end

The suboxone trade flourishes

Packets of ‘White Ox’ tobacco change hands

Bank account details are exchanged

Screaming matches

Petty bitching

No one takes their pills

They really should

They trade them

Selling a good nights sleep

And all the while

The library runs

A creative writing competition

So it’s not all doom and gloom

The librarian at Alexander Maconochie Centre does an amazing job. She constantly updates the library and collection of magazines, she’ll order books for you if there’s something you really want and she organized a creative writing competition. There were about 25 entries from all over the jail and one of my poems got second place. The prize was a 50 dollar book voucher; I got some Bukowski, some Tim Winton and a book by Sam Harris about free will.

It’s easy to imagine how much reading helps inmates both pass the time and improve themselves. If you’re like me and can’t stand mainstream TV then reading is a lifesaver.. literally! In 6 years locked up I read about 150 books and it helped heal my bruised mind and spirit while curing the inevitable long stretches of boredom.

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