Like a flower


It happens like a flower

Slowly opening to bloom

You can’t force it

You have to wait

It can happen when you spend time

With an old friend

Who knows you at your best

And paves the way

For excellence of the spirit

Sometimes it’s work

Or patient, painstaking conversation

So it goes

That your ego returns

Stronger than ever

And happiness flows

Like a stream

Some would think it’s impossible

In the chains and cages of prison

But hard work is rewarded

And we can often wake up

To be something better than before

I was in bad shape spiritually, physically and emotionally for the first few years of incarceration. When I finally started to work, exercise, read, write and improve myself my confidence returned and I felt like I was making the most of it. I noticed that ego and extroversion can’t be forced but comes from building character through hard work and dedication. The more you accomplish and develop skills the more you have an appropriate answer to the questions life throws at you. Patience is key. Hard work is rewarded. And strength of character blooms.

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