Love and Hate


If there’s one thing I’ve learned

It’s to never hesitate

When it comes to love

And to always think twice

When it comes to hate

If only I had stopped to think

Before I broke the law hard

I wouldn’t have suffered

So profoundly for years

And if I had taken

A leap of faith

With the one I loved

The love of my life

Could have been mine

For years and years

I’ve been bashed plenty times

And every time

If I had taken the time

To consider my options

I never would have wound up

In hospital nursing my wounds

In Japan

With a very special girl

If I’d only said

All that was on my mind

Heaven could have been mine

Never hesitate with love

Never hate without thinking twice

I’m sure I’m not the only one, who spends the first 6 months of a long jail sentence regretting every little decision that led you to where you are. A thousand things could have gone differently and a completely different path would have been your life. If I had kept my temper in check I would never have wound up in prison and if I had taken the initiative early with any of the great loves of my life they would have saved me from myself. Eventually you start to forgive yourself but I put myself through hell with regrets for a long time…

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