Dirty Dishes


If you took all the dishes

I washed this year

They would fill a warehouse

And the cigarettes

Would fill a jumbo jet

If you took the sorrow

The heartache and the pain

It would be enough for an ordinary lifetime

For every year

For the past 6 years

The coffee would fill

An ocean

And the medications

A semi trailer

Like the one that nearly claimed my life

If you took the interrupted sleep

Of a thousand head checks

The anger would fill

A hot air balloon

And if you took

The kindness shown

From friends, family and lovers

You might just make it through

These troubled times

At one point while writing my book( that’s still in progress) I thought about the fact I’d been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 1000 days and that would mean 20,000 cigarettes. 8 coffees a day, 8000 coffees and gigantic stack of dishes 4 days a week for a year.

It’s true also that I nearly lost my life getting hit by a semi-trailer at full speed.

The kindness shown by my family, old friends and a very special woman I used to know (that no longer talks to me) helped me get through without losing hope. I am deeply grateful for anyone that showed any amount of kindness during my time. They may have saved my life.

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