Whisky and Wine (broken sailor)


Some days I feel like

Nothing more than

A broken sailor

Floating on sea of troubles

I found my Brandy

Such a fine girl

But the sea came to claim me

And now my only company

Is the heartless sharks

Plying their craft

Of black misery and terror

For the honest soul

Clinging desperately

To the anchor

As another storm

Punishes his ship

And now we live in fear

For the black kraken of death

Should it come our way

Oh yes,

The sea is merciless

But have heart

Someday we’ll make it back to land

And Brandy can serve us

Whisky and wine once again

At some point I got interested in the aesthetic of nautical things. I draw anchors and lighthouses and love metaphors about the sea.

This whole poem is also a tribute to the Song by ‘Looking Glass’ which I still listen to regularly.

Yet another poem that references the ‘Brandy’ of my life. Still miss her to this day.

Watch out for the sharks..

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