Win or Lose


There’s two men I know

That I respect more than most

With two different approaches

One smokes ice

One smokes weed

One tries his guts out

And the other barely lifts a finger

Both are kings of their scene

And I wonder which of them

Gets it right

Gets the most out of life

And it raises the question

Is life about letting go

Or sinking your teeth in

Was Buddha a genius?

Or are some merely worshiping

A man that did nothing

Is the tradie putting food on the table

Or the office worker getting home

To be king of this castle

Winning at life

Or merely running the treadmill

Working on a heart attack

For me I’ll try

To work fast because

I’m cultivating effortlessness

I want to get a lot done

But have time to smell the roses

And maybe I can balance the two approaches

To be the right man in the right place at the right time

Forever to infinity

The end result of endless discussion with a Jung loving friend is basically the idea of bringing the right attitude and behavior to the unique nature of every situation. There’s no one size fits all way of acting instead we should focus in being in harmony with our surroundings and be flexible and dynamic as our world evolves and changes.

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