One for the punks


Let me be

Raw and powerful

Like Raised Fist

Soulful and heartfelt

Like Hot Water Music

Brutally honest

Like Osker

Fun loving

Like Millencollin


Like Against Me!

Wild and Unique

Like At The Drive In

Pumped up and partying hard

Like The Bronx


Like Propaghandi

Punk as fuck

Like Rancid

A true believer

Like The Bouncing Souls

A lover of big girls


A king maker

Like Bad Religion

And let me be at peace with the world

A punk in the slammer

I grew up on 90’s punk rock, wore band shirts every day, pierced my lip and was obsessed with NOFX, Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph. As I grew older my tastes broadened but I still return regularly to punk rock old and new. For 2 years solid I listened to ‘Short, Fast, Loud’ on triple J, the weekly punkrock show and I always feel that as an upper middle class, white and rebellious Australian that punk rock is my culture.

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