I am the Kraken

I rule the sea

My heart is black and

Sailors fear me

I terrorize the deep

Squirt ink and change hue

They dream of me when I sleep

And the wickedness I do

My nemesis the whale

My only true rival

Some have tried some have failed

To knock me down, take my title

As lord of the sea

Evil is me

I feed on the terror

And the occasional crayfish

None can better

Not even the swordfish

So rightly fear me

No ship too huge

That I can’t take you

To the endless blue

I am the Kraken

I rule the sea

For reasons I can’t really understand I am in love with the aesthetic of all things nautical. Sometimes I just need to vent my love of the Kraken, broken sailors and shipwrecks. It’s pretty rare I write a poem that rhymes but I felt inspired to post this one to have a break from the depressing jail stuff.

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