Mr Toad’s Wild Ride


How high will I soar?

A convict no more

When the simple joy

Of life on the outside

Feels completely exquisite

How long will I feel it?

That every day is like Christmas

And all of the simple things just

Caress my soul

Free of control

That burned for so long

Singing my sad song

Swing low sweet chariot

Like Judas Iscariot

Raise me from the dead

Blackened no more

My new song instead

This life I adore

Shifting gears as I gently

Engage myself mentally

To the glorious task of

Making family proud of

The life I am living

The joy’s in the giving

So blessed be all those

That walked with me a mile

Down the hardest road

And someday I’ll smile

When the wild ride

Of the infamous Mr Toad

Comes finally to an end

As I fast approached my first chance at parole I thought a lot about how sweet it would be to walk free through those gates. And it was true, every day was like Christmas. At some point I became fully aware that for me family is the most important thing and that the best thing I can do for mine is to stay on course, stay out of jail and try to make them proud. The plan is: zero to hero in under two years. Somehow through some strange circumstances my personal brand came to include frogs as well as wolves and nautical stuff so I thought I’d throw a toad reference in there. Mr Toad’s wild ride seems like a metaphor for the wild ride I was on before and during jail.  

Life is strange..

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