The Fairer Sex


Soulful, mindful and conscientious

Ethereal, luminescent and powerful

Such is the spell that love creates

But I’m no wizard, more like a painter

And the girl in the corner haunts my dreams

As a new flower blossoms

In the purgatory of my life

And we all say the same

That joy implies pain

Pain implies joy

And if we were always happy

We wouldn’t know it was good

When a life gives us moments

Of pleasure and respite

And never again

Will I take a girls heart for granted

There’s no greater gift

Than the laughter and light

Of a good womans soul

The girl in the corner is a reference to the famous Renoir painting so wonderfully explored in the movie ‘Amelie’. I honestly feel there is nothing more important in this world than your relationships and love. No one will ever say on their death bed “I loved too much”. Some amazing women I have ended relationships with for bad reasons and I know if I had settled down or had kids when the opportunities arose my life would have been paradise compared to the horror of the last 10 years.

Gamble everything for love..

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