Stay True


It’s true what they say

We’re here for a good time

Not a long time

We keep the wolves at a bay

And look for the right signs

That it’s time to be wilful

Or time to hang back

All our bones to dust

All fades to black

Stardust once more

What a wild ride it is

To be human in this era

Futilely trying to control

Our neck of the woods

Like we aren’t just animals

Or pilots if you like

And I’m blessed to have

The right design

The right programs to take it

To mix with the bottom of the barrel

Or soar with the world beaters

So forget about time

It will only depress you

And above all make light

Count your blessings and stay true

I have a good friend that I often talk to about the idea of the right attitude for the right situation. That there’s no one size fits all approach to succeeding and enjoying your brief stay on planet earth but rather a constant state of adapting and evolving to be the in the right mindset at the right time in the right place forever to eternity. It’s interesting that you can choose the programs you put into your head, it relates to addiction and conditioning and can make or break you. When I’m attempting wisdom I look for friends and situations that will improve your programming and heaven may follow.

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