The horrible sea


I am the will weapon warrior

The cannon cock crusader

The master of mayhem

The left wing lunatic

The soldier of the suburbs

The paladin of peace

The alpha and the omega

Battling on til Kingdom Come

I may die in the gutter

I may die alone

I may hurt another

In my quest for the throne

Wind me up and watch me go

The juggernaut of time

The alpha wolf

The lion cub

Spirit true

Spirit fierce

Sprinting to the line

In record time

Watch me go

Swinging that ball and chain

Into the ongoing horrible sea

This one was fun to write. Some days I am filled with immense confidence and optimism about my life and the future whatever it brings. There’s a Johnny Cash reference and more nautical stuff in there for good measure. Poems like this one bring back some of the better times locked up when I felt like I could handle anything, a mood that comes and goes to this day.

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