Lift the curse


Life happens to people

All things being equal

It could always be worse

So lift the curse

Heal these days

Cos I’ve changed my ways

Never let me lose

On this path that I choose

The yellow brick road

The golden path

Has given up the ghost

Happy never after

But every thorn has a rose

All that hurts someday goes

Everything I’ve lived has shown

Anywhere can be home

A human can overcome

Everything that’s been done

So never fall over again

And if you never give up

Sooner or later you’ll win

And if you never give up

You’re never truly beat

And the sweet joy of life

Never tasted so sweet

I truly believe that you’re never truly beaten or a failure if you never give up. And work hard enough for long enough and things will turn around. What I mean by the yellow brick road is the normal life path of go to school, get a job, get a wife, start a family. That life is never going to be mine and its heart breaking all the lost loves that could have been so beautiful. But there are a million and one experiences in this world worth living for and now as a free man I intend to sample some of what life has to offer.

There’s also a line form a famous song that says “I must have, fucked with some witch in turn she cursed me she cursed my life” I used to relate to that but now I finally feel that the curse has lifted.

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