Playful Porpoise


The porpoise of purpose

Swims playfully

In an ocean of guilt

A drop of light:

A kind word

Or compassionately considerate gesture

Has the effect on the sea

As of a drop of blood to the sharks

And the dance of death

Seems strangely beautiful

Nothing to fear

Someday I’ll live again

On planet porpoise

In the crab nebula

Oh yes it’s a lovely thing

To lose the fear of death

And I swear I know

That my time on earth

Will be very special

As it is for all of us

So I spread light

Fight the good fight

Until it’s time

To say goodnight

Farewell planet earth

I’ll miss the moments of peace

And golden laughter

I like to occasionally get playful with my poems and underneath the whimsy of this one is a very real message about losing fear of death. It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve been through a world of pain and a world of pleasure at various times and it’s given me a mindset where fear has no place. There’s a line from the band ‘Freelance Whales’ (spectacular name) that goes: “life is long enough, we will put this flesh into the ground again”. This line has stayed with me and helps with an overall mindset of making the best of whatever cards life deals to you.

Don’t fear the reaper…

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