What an awful place

The profiteroles were no good

And the tennis court is busy

Nearly half the time

We don’t even have Netflix

Just a reasonable selection of DVDs

The radio, a TV

And pretty good library

There’s even a book club

If that’s what you fancy

What an awful place

No air condition

Just adequate fans

And heating in the winter

What an awful place

No World of Warcraft

Just a wide selection

Of freeware games

So life is rough

Cos there isn’t enough

Hours in the day

To do all that play

First world problems

In a first world jail

And they wonder why

We get institutionalized

Don’t be mistaken jail is rough for the majority of the crims that are stuck in maximum security, 40 volatile convicts living in close quarters with not much do, violence and drugs and little else other than the crushing boredom. But to be honest the minimum security cottages are remarkably easy going. A few people have said, and I agree, that if you were in the same conditions but with 400 poets, artists, dancers, musicians or any walk of life other than violent criminals it would be quite livable. And yes believe it or not these days we get profiteroles thanks to the jail opening a bakery to provide more jobs to inmates.

God bless the first world..

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