Wasted Youth


I don’t know why

But I try to save them

I see them come and go

The revolving door

Staggering rate of recidivism

So I ask them

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Most haven’t ever thought about it

Living in the moment

No time for consequences

I see them

As they grow their rats tails

Cover themselves with unfinished jail tattoos

Try heroin for the first time

And chase anything

That takes the pain away

It breaks my heart

To see the light of youth

Slowly leave them

Left behind in the concrete cells

When I would love to have

The same second chance

And it’s really me

That needs the saving

But still I try

I don’t know why

To break the cycle

Of pain and regret

One thing you notice if you do enough time is that the same people come and go again and again. Many of them lose most of their twenties and thirties before they eventually get tired or overdose or blessedly come good and get their lives together. It was a mystery to me why people, after experiencing the horror of jail would risk coming back just for fast cash or chemically induced highs.

The sad part is that jail is a relief for some from the chaos of their lives on the outside and that the more jail they do the less they fear it. Institutionalization and addiction is the never ending cycle that sees so many in and out of jail and achieving little.

I don’t why but I’m programmed to attempt to talk some sense into career crims, outline the benefits of legally earned money and all the amazing things the outside world had to offer but it seems to have little effect.

God help these desperate men.

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