Free will


I believe in free will

But not the divine type

Just that we always have a choice

But that choice is limited

To what we know

What we have seen

And our genetic gifts

So blessed be they

Who open up new ways

Of seeing our self

Of seeing our world

And let infinite possibilities

Come flooding in

It can come from a book

It can come from a friend

These pathways as such

Let us redefine our future

Can mend broken men

Can break desperate cycles

Of addiction and despair

So let’s hear it for the visionaries

Who choose to bestow

This precious gift

To their fellow man

I sometimes think the nicest thing you can do for someone is to open up new pathways they never knew existed. Like explaining employment job opportunities or ways of making money or having fun; outlining things that can be achieved that you never would have thought of. At one point someone told me about making money playing music on cruise ships, based on that I studied music, based on the music degree I got a public service job based on the job I could afford to visit Paris. A simple gem of information shaped my life into something better than it would have been.

Lately I’ve been keeping in mind that everyone is good at something and everyone has something interesting to say if you dig around for it enough. Who knows you might just find one of these gems that completely transforms your life.

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