Oh the horror


It’s the strangest thing

That these times in the doldrums

Are permeated with dreams

That surprise and delight

I’ve done terrible things

Been terrorized and tortured

I’m broken hearted

And I’ve seen much on the inside

That tests a mans resolve

So it might surprise you

As it does me

That the dreams which haunt me most

Are of an old veggie patch

That I didn’t quite finish weeding

And sometimes at night

When the sandman takes

I’m ducking off to Bunnings

To buy chook poo for the tomatoes

And oh the horror

When I look at my crop

And the yield is weak

It all makes me think

That in my soul

There’s either something very wrong

Or very right

Strange but true, people often ask me if I have flashback s to my crime or trouble sleeping with what I’ve done and been through. The truth is a I don’t think about it much and I used to dream of gardening on regular basis. Someday I’ll live somewhere with a permaculture set up, look after it and get closure on my gardening disappointment dreams. The image I used for this post is the actual patch I never finished.

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