The World At large


When I’m not looking in my own backyard

Sometimes I look at the world

And it breaks my heart to think

That misery is the river of the world

The horrible things that us menfolk do

Are a blight on the mark

We leave for eternity

And it pains me that

So precious a gift as being

So often means

The path of hardship, starvation, war

And every day even here

In the first world, a country at peace

Men cheat each other

Murder, rape and steal

Or battle beneath the poverty line

Drug addicts and life on the street

It’s human nature

That we are yet to achieve

A just and happy world

Which our brilliant minds

Are capable of providing

We’ve conquered space

We’ve conquered sea and air

And yet we haven’t learned to

To walk the earth

In harmony with our fellow man

The title from this poem is a ‘Modest Mouse’ reference, there’s a Tom Waits reference and the last part is largely borrowed from a Martin Luther King Speech. Sometimes life can be so damn depressing. The way that despite having every material thing ready at hand people have horrible lives and treat each other so cruelly. Humanity is so troubled, we’re just barely different from the primitive animals we evolved from and it shows in our many flaws. I always keep in mind the famous quote “The way you live your life echoes through eternity” and I want my legacy on this earth to be as a soldier for the light when I need to  be and in harmony with my surroundings when it’s time to act willfully

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