Eternities dance (harmony in all things)


At all I times I carry

An attitude of gratitude

That I should be so blessed

To say god bless this mess

When I think about this life of mine

An ocean of trouble an ocean of time

Stiff upper lip

Don’t take no shit

Look for the good

In my own special god

The one of harmony

Eternity and love

Cos what else is there

But to make light

And to make love

Til we return to the stars up above

Back to the space dust we once were

Before we awoke to pilot

A fully functioning human

So blessed to be free

Of hunger and need

Safe, warm, dry, fed

And if we’re lucky

80 years to dance

In the glory of existence

There are some recurring themes in my poetry, being grateful for the good things in life and the concept of looking at life as the chance to pilot a human body find their way into my stuff pretty regularly. Something that takes the sting out of jail a little is to look at the sensory information coming in. It’s basically always, dry, safe, warm and fed so some of the boxes of a decent life are ticked. Obviously the higher levels of Maslows hierarchy of needs are incredibly difficult to achieve but there’s a reason homeless men often break windows to get themselves locked up for the winter and some refugees think it’s paradise to begin with.

At some point I came to the conclusion that all that really matters on this earth is to enjoy your existence. Not in a hedonistic way, you may find satisfaction in raising a family or making your parents proud but I feel like if you’re not enjoying life you need to make changes. The idea of hope as an opiate seems a double edged blade, you may have an easier ride living with hope but it takes away the importance of enjoying the present moment or circumstances.

The goal for me is always to be in tune with my surroundings. Harmony in all things as often as possible.

God bless this mess.

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