Freedom is bliss

It must be I guess

To walk the town

No ghosts in my tracks

To spend quality time

With family, friends, females

No time limit

No watchful screws

And the creature comforts

Cars, clothes, cologne

Real coffee

Real cigarettes

A real gym with real weights

Real jobs and real mates

Alcohol and the world wide web

I’m a fallen man

Nothing will ever be the same

The innocence of youth long gone

And Everest to climb

Just to reach the beginning

But oh how I look forward to the time

When I can walk with the sun on my back

As a free man

Living in middle class Australia you might not realize just how good you have it until it is all wrenched away. In some ways it’s a blessing because you wouldn’t recognize quality if there wasn’t the contrast of not having it. No warm without cold, no full without hungry, no happy without sad. Once you lose everything, everyday Aussie suburbia starts to look like paradise. My life will never be the same again and I have to work extra hard just to get anywhere near the comfort and success of regular folks but on the plus side jail gives you time to work on yourself and cultivate good habits and a mentality of relishing every little victory life offers.

Freedom is bliss.

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