One shoots hares..


One mate shoots hares

Down by the river

And built a cabin on his land

One mate goes hiking

Plays piano and hasn’t touched

A drink in five years

He’s in New York for work

One brother was snowboarding

In Switzerland the other day

He’s just bought a property

In scenic Kangaroo Valley

One brother works for google

He just spent a week at Harvard

A week in Silicon Valley

And holidays in Majorca

And me?

I wash dishes

In the jail kitchen

Been locked up for five years

And it feel like

Every time I write a poem

I’m failing just a little less

At this gift called life

My perception of myself is interesting; it depends where I angle the gaze of consciousness. If I look at other crims I’m killing it at life. Wrote a book, 400 poems, learned French, taught myself to draw portraits and got into the best shape of my life. If I look at my old friends and brothers I’m failing dismally at life.  I feel like I’ve got the right attitude though, relishing the challenge of making something of myself and working hard to kick goals in my humble existence.

The goal: zero to hero in under two years, wish me luck.

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