Color and Light

“Spare a thought for the wild ones who missed the show”


An ocean of color and light

A forest of darkness and mist

The ripe fruit of life take a bite

Look closer and see what you missed

The grindstone keeps us subdued

Perpetuate, get done and do

Whatever you feel is the right thing to bring

As we love and dance and hope and sing

And every breathe life starts anew

Praise the lord and praise the horde

Of chaos, ticker and dash

The brazen ones so brash

That reality claims them

From our good city

Like a shark rising from the deep

There’s lives such a pity

Til death when they sleep

So wish me well

I escaped from hell

The deep didn’t claim me

And all that I can see

Is an ocean of colour and sound

The beauty of freedom I found

For forever and onwards

For the rest of my days

It’s a little thought about tragedy of the modern world that the most wild and reckless members of society are the type to get locked up and have their spirits hobbled by incarceration. Their own volatility and ticker is they’re undoing and they miss the greatest show on earth, love and life, colour and sound and all the glory of freedom that most take for granted.

I only narrowly avoided life without parole and feel incredibly blessed to be back in the world of the living. Spare a thought for the wild ones who missed the show.

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