Broken Stars

Love is a powerful emotion


We could look up at the sky

But the stars are all broken

We could look up at the sky

But the moon is cracked

Mars is a no show

And Venus hates us all

So look at the ground

The fractures in the sidewalk

And the weeds in the garden

Common and coarse

As everything will be

Looking for you

In this other girls eyes

Paradise won’t be the same

Trying to build new love

In the whole that she left

And it could be fun

Tinder and flings

But no one will ever replace

My favorite girl

The best of all of us

And the lost love of my life

Love is a powerful emotion and possibly the most important part of life for me. It got me through jail thinking about a girl I used to love and maybe still do love but it’s a tough reality that the one I always wanted has moved on with her life. Any new love will be starting from scratch which is exciting; to be courting girls with mystery rather than girls with history but it will take years for a woman to mean more to me than the old flame now dulled.

It’s a little mentioned fact that jail is pretty much the worst sausage fest on earth. Reasons why freedom is bliss number 43: Half the people on the outside are female.

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