Like a lover

I’ve forgiven the human race.


Sometimes I think

Life is like a lover

That treats you like shit

But you love her anyway

My soul beat black and blue

I still thank my lucky stars

That I have her at all

And though it gets better I think:

If only she were a little kinder

Didn’t stretch me so far

Then things could really be

More like heaven than hell

And the truth is I’ve forgiven

The human race

And all its myriad flaws

No longer misanthropic

But oh how she cuts me

With sharks and ghouls

Testing my strength

And lucky for me

I pass the test

At one point in my history I got very bitter about humanity and all the awful things people do to each other. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and say ‘I do it cos animals deserve our help’. The implication being that human beings were undeserving of help and on the whole humanity was a lost cause.

Somehow spending time in prison with some of the worst people in the city made me soften my views on the species and I have learned to love my fellow man.

Like a lover I cherish life but feel like things should be easier on all of us still suffering with whatever issues inevitably come our way.

I’ve forgiven the human race.

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