Souls Entwined

Another precious thing jail took from me.


God bless

Your luminous virtuosity

In the language of the soul

Your diaphanous aura

Ethereal your glow

Your magnanimous spirit

So softly I hear it

Calling me home

No longer alone

Ancient your virtue

An archetype of perfection

The feminine goddess

The life giver

The life raft

The best show in town

And the best thing waiting

In the wings to play it’s part

So weave your magic

Turning boys into men

And never again

Will we ever complain

Because we had

What others can only dream of

The memory of our souls entwined

To carry with us to our dying days

I was in in love on and off with the same woman for 15 years, when I first got locked up she wrote me a letter saying she loved me unconditionally forever. I still have that letter and cherish the message it sent however our love now is over. She visited a couple times, I think mostly to say goodbye and have some closure to move on from me.

When I got parole I sent her an email and she said she didn’t want me in her life. I respect her for at least letting me know and after four years without seeing her I’m comfortable with my loss.

Another precious thing jail took from me.

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