When I was 16

I had a beautiful girlfriend

That I called my own

A petite Cambodian name Linda

Who would later break my heart

But when things were good

I remember one day

She invited me to her house

Her parents were out

And she gave me

A spectacular blowjob

Then made me a bowl

Of ‘Crunchy nut Cornflakes’

Now there’s one thing you should know

I’m a crunchy nut

So as if that wasn’t enough

She had just bought a kitten

So we sat in the chemical high

Brought on by mutual orgasms

Ate crunchy nut cornflakes

And played with a kitten..

Sometimes life is alright

Sometimes when life is looking pretty grim it helps to remember the good times. I am blessed to have had enough good memories early in life to even out the bad so the wolves at the door no longer bite like they once did.

I think it’s important to fill relationships with as much positive experiences as much as possible so when the inevitable dramas come we don’t lose faith in each other and in life in general.

She was the second woman to break my heart.

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