Make Light

Those days in Rome with flowers in our hair remind me just magical life can be.


As if I’ve been cursed

The last ten years have been a nightmare

With a few small islands of happiness

The keep hope alive

None shine brighter

Than three weeks in Rome

For a good friends wedding

The bride to be

Was special to me

For she took my innocence

But not my heart

That belonged to another

Who was also a guest

And would greet me in the morning

In a charming bed and breakfast

Not far from the Vatican

The days passed as if in a dream

Of friendship, laughter and love

And a fortuitous violence struck

A volcano in Iceland

Had all the planes in Europe

Grounded for a week

So what a shame

That we had to stay an extra week

And explore the city

Eat, drink and make light

And it came so naturally

That day at the catacombs

Where my love and I

Put flowers in our hair

And knew without a shadow of a doubt

That we were the special two

As cursed as my life has often been, I’m blessed to have traveled more and had more of the company of old friends than I deserve. I’m a thankful for the little kindnesses my life has given me. They kept me hoping that there’s a better life ahead and showed me it’s not all doom and gloom. It would be even tougher than it already is if I didn’t have some good memories to show the sort of happiness that’s possible.

Those days in Rome with flowers in our hair remind me  just magical life can be.

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