30 years of friendship is more important to me than politics.


My best friend recently told me

That he’s turned to the dark side

And to my horror he is now

A conservative!

He loves Trump and hates taxes

Believes in the trickle down

And the free market cluster fuck

That troubles my existence

I find myself composing letters

That I will never send

And finding the write book

That I’ll never ask him to read

All to make him see things clearly

What seems obvious to me

But reason always wins

And I know better

Than to let it sour our mateship

So we focus on the good

Somewhere along the path to growing up a good friend really did turn conservative. Not much of a problem compared to my jail time but it did surprise me.

That may not be a big deal to some but in Australia and much of the world Trump is widely laughed at or straight up despised. I personally feel he will be remembered for botching the response to COVID and that he has a hundred thousand lives on his hands. Feel free to argue that point with me.

At the end of the day I’d rather discuss endless ‘Young Ones Quotes’ and video games than get political and our friendship remains intact.

30 years of friendship is more important to me than politics.

5 thoughts on “Trump

  1. Yes, friends and family are always more important than politics. In 5 years the politics will be different, but the friends will hopefully still be there.

    I am from a small European country and we often don’t understand why friends and families in the US kick each other out because of politics. I guess it is different when you are in the middle of it.

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    1. Well said, I’ve come to terms with my lack of opportunity to change the big things politically. These days I prefer to try to influence the things I can control; the welfare of my friends and kin, the quality of my work place and my own impact on my environment. It’s a testament to the quality of this friendship that Trump hasn’t changed a thing. Cheers for reading:)

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  2. Trump has put my country into a crisis by inciting an insurrection. I have brothers who voted for him, and I am afraid to ask them what they think now. I don’t want a divided family. I’m scared for this country, but it looks like people are taking actions to prevent more violence. It’s unbelievable.

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